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What if you could take the time you have right now and do something with it that really feeds your soul?

How about feeling good enough NOW, full of confidence? Imagine the energy. Flawless skin. Happiness. Being fully in touch with yourself and loving every minute. Life is easy. No more overwhelming schedules or going through the drive-thru to feed yourself or your family. Only things that nourish your body + mind + soul. Healed and free of pain.

What if you had all the tools + techniques in your back pocket to quickly reduce stress and be happy? Truly be happy with who you are in this moment... What if you could truly live a beautiful life, with a pain level way lower than current, no more autoimmune symptoms, ability to choose healthy alternatives with ease, less shame or guilt about self-care, and have time with your children rather than saying 5 minutes over and over again?

Go ahead and Nourish yourself: body + mind + soul.



The moment I begin to celebrate myself and focus on my successes is the moment I begin living.

- Gabrielle Bernstein

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HOW CAN YOU nourish yourself TODAY?

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MEET melissa

Melissa has been in the Wellness field for 6 years after healing herself from autoimmune conditions. After being in the corporate world of IT for 15 years, she changed her field of focus to Wellness (best change ever made). Melissa has a Masters in Wellness & Lifestyle Management and a certification in Integrative Nutrition Health Coaching. She is a believer in continual learning and has been practicing Conscious Transformation for a few years, as well as Mindfulness, NLP, and Life Coaching.

While going through her own journey of healing, she realized how many other women are out there living with the same thing and searching for answers that nobody else has. Over the years, she has been helping other women heal physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. This journey has taught her that there is so much more to life than stress and hustle. She now helps women nourish themselves through body + mind + soul.

Melissa is a loving wife and mom of 2 boys, Brayden and Mason who made her realize it was time to heal herself, so she could enjoy her life in the moment. Melissa loves hanging at the beach with her family as well as indulging in self-care on a daily basis. Through nourishing herself, she has also been able to help her family do the same so they can enjoy all life has to offer together as a family.

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Melissa Kessler

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You have to try Melissa, she is the best!

Your post sounded like me a few weeks ago until I met Melissa. She came out to my house and did a consult and really learned what we like to eat and what our needs were. She takes all the work out of everything! She came up with a menu and shopped for everything and delivered it to my door! The food was/ is delicious and I actually really look forward to dinner now. She has a degree in nutrition and wellness and improving peoples lives is her passion! She has a very positive attitude and she goes way above and beyond to accommodate our needs. In addition to looking forward to meals, we're eating way healthier too! Our routine used to be Chick Fil A drive thru or a local restaurant, but now we don't have to waste time we don't have driving around to pick up dinner. My kids and I are extremely picky, but she has worked through so many of our obstacles and we're actually eating vegetables now (prior to Melissa that was 100% not happening). I looked into blue apron and those types of deliveries, but we're way too picky for that and so much of that food would've been wasted and you still have to cook it and clean up! Melissa is like having your own private chef and nutritionist all in one. I really wish I found her long ago, she has truly been a blessing. Please give her a try, you'll be so glad you did and I'm certain that you and your family will be so happy and you'll love her food!

- Amanda

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